Once, in Australia’s deep North, Colly worked as a journo, and sometime playwright and musician. 

In 1996 he moved from Townsville to Canberra, settled in the Burley Griffins’ urban forest and worked as a media and policy adviser for a variety of leaders, but mainly Senator John Faulkner, where he absorbed the glories and pitfalls of Australian politics and climate policy first hand. 

Afterwards, he was Communications Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology which fast-tracked his knowledge of criminal justice and the underworld. 

Pacey speculative fiction and crime thrillers intersect in Colly’s Venn diagram of imagineering. The future holds an endless fascination and worry.

Now he’s a fully paid-up member of the fiction faction.

The Capricorn Sky was published in 2020 while the sequel The Kyoto Bell, was out in 2021 through the Sooty Publishing imprint.

Over the years Colly has published short stories, written and produced plays, shows, speeches, musicals and written sundry reviews, features and poems in publications such as: 

LiNQ Magazine (James Cook University); North of Capricorn – An Anthology of Verse  (Foundation for Australian Literary Studies); Spinning the Sun – Stories of Tropical Australia (El Kumanand Press, 1995); Scorpion Tails – Four Tropical Novellas (El Kumanand Press, 1996); Island Magazine.