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My latest book

The Capricorn Sky

A century into the future: the weather is lethal, sea levels have risen, and AuZtralia is a lot more complicated.

Andaman Marko lives in the Jointly Administered Territory of Capricornia – a new homeland for millions of climate refugees from Asia. Marko is a playboy by day, fraudster by night: making millions of $New by illegally decoding corporate and diplomatic komms to deal inside trades on the markets. And unknown enemies start to circle.

Then, in a society where prolonged peace is enforced through mass surveillance, eugenics and social engineering, a bomb goes off and Marko and his mysterious girlfriend, Flick, flee north to the climate ravaged badlands of Cape York.  

Marko leads both would be assassins and his guardian angel, Dr Madrigal Phipps, in a wild pursuit through a world where the peace is cracking apart.

What others say

Dystopia is no longer enough – we need writers who can imagine ways to survive and repair our damaged futures. In The Capricorn Sky, Colly Campbell brings his real-world knowledge of politics, social structures and the intricacies of human interaction together to create a compelling, convincing story that takes us off the beaten path and into a very plausible far-future Australia.

Jane Rawson, author of From the Wreck


The Capricorn Sky is a timely read  …. The bleakness Colly Campbell predicts is already casting a long shadow over today’s world of mass surveillance and political mendacity. Campbell’s characters – good and evil – are well-drawn and authentic. The plot is frighteningly plausible … The Capricorn Sky provokes, informs and lays bare some unpleasant truths and dire possibilities.

                                                                  Alan Murray, author of Luigi’s Freedom Ride and The Turncoat



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